The goal of the Back To Our Roots program is to make a difference, if not completely change our great country for the better. We're literally working to get 'back to our roots' of the values and morals America was founded on. We cannot just keep throwing money at our nation's problems and expect them to get better, we have to make a difference together. We will not align ourselves with any one party, or person or program. We fully believe that when we get all of them at the bargaining table as one Nation, we will get programs that work for this country.

"We need to do the right thing...because it's the right thing to do!"

NYC off Broadway Production

- This production will tell the history about how America was first founded.
- Highlights those that gave and are still giving their lives to have our freedom and be one nation under God.
- The initial productions will take place in Washington D.C. and NYC, which will open up the door to perform in 40 different markets across the country over time.
- Young actors and actresses will be selected from their local market to leave an influence on this area as a whole.
- Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice from Columbus, OH, narrates our Back To Our Roots show.
- Our main purpose is to wake up America and collect signed petitions that are asking our leaders and churches to come together as one to make this country great again.
- The petitions that are signed will be taken to Washington D.C. at least three times a year to lobby our leaders and show them hard copies of the petitions, so they will know what their people that vote for them in their district are asking them to do.

Two Hour Special Radio and Television Show

- Three of the six, two hour concerts, held at different cities across America.
- This will be a tribute to our first responders and to develop a benevolent fund for the disabled and families of the deceased.
- Internationally drawn artists will perform, and will be aired on television networks.
- We will also stream live via social media both the concert and special interviews with the guests.
- Guests can speak freely about what they think will turn this country around and we will speak on these topics as well.
- Our main goal of this is to rally Americans around first responders and America.

Employee Program:

- 325 (retired police and firemen), plus employees working in 50 states.
- Work will be done at the state, district and local level to see that their needs are being met.
- Work will be done with local businesses to ensure they are aware that our first responders are there to keep us all safe and help raise funds for the benevolent program.
- Work will be done with the local youth program and visits will be made to local schools, as these are our next first responders and soldiers.
- Visits will be completed with the local television and radio stations to keep or get the show aired in that market.

"Backing Our Troops with Back To Our Roots" In Memory of Bob Hope

- This will be three of six total concerts held around America. These concerts will be held on military bases.
- Two internationally known artists have already committed to perform.
- Concerts will be aired via local radio and television networks.
- We will tour each military base.
- We will speak with troops to reassure them that Back To Our Roots will be giving our leaders the needed information that all Americans want them to come together as one to make this country great again!
- Our goal is to honor our military members and veterans and help to increase morale.

Retreat for First Responders and Military:

- Hold retreats for 8,000 veterans who are dealing with PTSD.
- 20 acres in Lubbock, Texas will be developed to house these retreats four times a year for three days each time.
- We've already had success helping veterans with PTSD, and feel confident we can help a great deal more through these retreats.
- The only cost a veteran would incur would be getting to and from the retreat, all other costs are covered while they're at the event.