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America was founded on hard work, integrity and faith in God. Such values made America great. However, as our exceptional society progressed, it seems as though the principles that made America the greatest nation in the world have fallen to the wayside. How could this have happened? The conveniences of modern life, the increased availability of impious distractions and relentless political disputes have caused our society to abandon the ideals that made America strong.

Back to Our Roots has not forgotten the principles that made America great. Rather than accepting the errant ideals that plague our society and the political arena, we are encouraging all Americans to unite in the cause of restoring the integrity of our great nation. Our message is not partisan, not prejudiced and not restricted to any American. We speak for one group, Americans, and encourage them to join us in our cause to get Back to Our Roots.

Rallying America to be the great country it used to be!

We are America's Ambassador

Be inspired by the story of America

The Back to Our Roots show appeals to all Americans and emphasizes the moral traditions of America in a fun, entertaining and educational way. We seek to inspire all citizens-the youth, the leaders, the hard-working Americans of all backgrounds-and encourage them to restore the integrity of our beloved country. Look for us to visit your state soon and come be a part of the movement to restore the greatness of America.

We all come from different backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common: we are citizens of a country that has shown the capability to be the greatest nation in the world. It will not take the leadership of a single democrat, republican or independent politician to restore our nation, but the dedication and cooperation of all. Our youth, our clergy leaders, our politicians and our everyday citizens must join in the effort to restore the morals of our society and the integrity of our country.

For more information about our cause and how you can be a part of it, please contact us today at (806) 787-5565.

Our message is intended for all