About White Horse

White Horse & Ass Productions is a program that sits under the umbrella of Teen Publications, Inc., which is a 501 C 3 non-profit agency, that the IRS recognizes donations as a tax right off.

Teen Publications was establish in 1992 by Taylor and Patt Rudd and is governed by five boards of directors. It was started after Taylor and Patt had spent most of their life in the entertainment business where they had a management company that worked with such artists as Reba McEntire, George Strait, B. J. Thomas, Johnny Lee, Alice cooper, Judas Priest, Rosanne Cash, and many more. All though lot of the artists does send out good messages, there are a few that do influence our young people in the wrong way. So, in an effort to provide something young people can hang onto and to help parents who are trying to deal with their teens, this is where Teen Publications Inc. got started. Over the years they made a different in our young people and help parents when they were going through a difficult time with their teens. They did it with program such as Free Drug Testing for parents with teens, a work release program for teens that have been incarcerated by the Department of Justice, Juvenile Division. They took used bikes and refurbish them, to be given away at Christmas to the needy. There have been thousand of teens and parents they have influenced over the years.

The year 1996 was the start of some very difficult times for Taylor and Patt. That was the year that Patt had a major hear attack that nearly took her life. But thanks to God she pulled through it. Then nearly five years later Patt was diagnosed with breast cancer and again it was difficult trying to keep the organization going and dealing with PattŐs disease but only with their strong faith, did they get through it. When 2002 rolled around they had one of the worst things they had ever had to deal with. Their 33 year old son past way. Sometimes you wonder how many times you can say God got us through it again but He did!! You sometimes wonder how much you can take but God does say in His word He will not put more on you that you can stand. So in March of 2006 Patt was diagnosed brain cancer and was given two week but God knew if Taylor lost her in two week it would be very damaging to his faith! So Taylor was very amaze how God prepared him for the end and on December 2, 2006 he lost Patt! She was at home with God and her husband where she wanted to be!

Now, Taylor is on a new chapter in his life. Taylor has always been inspired to make a difference in society. His mother was that way! He was raised on a small ranch in Texas and a lot of his family were in local Politics. He had a great uncle that was a Texas Ranger, who was also employed to guard the Governor and even wrote a book about his experiences as a Texas Ranger! So itŐs natural that he would go down the road he is going down. A few months after Patt had past away he got a strong feeling that he should acquire a white horse and train him to lie down as humbling before the Lord and do the opening prayer. What Taylor hope to accomplish is by offering the prayer in a dramatic way, would bring more attention to prayer and our God. Being raised as a cowboy he feel that this belong in rodeos as they are one of the few sports that still have a opening prayer, but to his amazement he was booked into churches, funerals, and yes even on the National Mall in Washington D. C. So when he left Washington D. C., that first year, Taylor got another strong feeling, that more had to be done and that is where "Back To Our Roots" got started. We call the show an off Broadway production but it did not get started in New York City but on the road from Washington D. C. back to Lubbock, Texas. Again, Taylor feels it need to be presented in a dramatic way but most of all very entertaining in order to get the message across! What we have in this country is fighting, arguing and name-calling, which is getting nothing accomplish! So we have American all across this country, democrats, republicans and independents, that knows something has to be done. "Back To Our Roots" has set out to inspire American to rally around our leaders to come together as one to make and keep this, the great country it is! The young actor and actress that is used in the production, is obtained from the local high school and churches in each city we put the show on in! This is to encourage them to pursue a career in politics or the arts! Hopefully we will have young people that will do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do!