White Horse & Ass Productions is a production company that does opening ceremony for special events of all kinds still does. But over time it's evolved into a major production call "Back To Our Roots" where we're in Washington D. C. on the National Mall and booked into an off broadway theater in New York City. The Back To Our roots show, is narrated by none other than Mr. Ted Williams. I'm sure you've seen him on the Today Show from New York City or possibly read his book "The Golden Voice" he also has a syndicated radio show. It's not only very entertaining but it motivates American to rally around this country, to get it back to the Great Country it is and encouraging young people to get involved in our political system to become the leaders we once knew. That stood for what is right because it is right thing to do!. Back To Our Roots will be touring all over America. We must get back to our roots!